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Never compromise on brake problems

It goes without saying, faulty brakes are dangerous, and to keep your brakes in good order, they require regular care and maintenance.

It’s recommended that you have it checked every 10 000 miles to be safe.

Instead of waiting for major problems to happen and hoping for the best, be proactive about your brakes performance by keeping them serviced and functional.

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We can inspect your calipers, brake pads/ drums and discs/ shoes for damage and look beneath your vehicle for signs of brake line faults. We’ll maintain your brake system as part of your scheduled service intervals.


To stop your car, you pump the brakes. This simple action is made possible by a complicated system of many parts. You push your brake pedal which drives a piston to your master cylinder. Brake fluid is moved through your brake lines and hoses to your car’s calipers and wheel cylinders.

This places pushes on the piston, which is connected to the brake pads or shoes and in turn pushes against the brake disc or drum, slowing the wheel. A problem with any single part of this system could cause your brakes to malfunction or fail, which is why you need to contact an expert if you haven’t checked your brakes recently.


Brake problems can happen anytime, anywhere. Autoworks offer emergency brake assistance when your car’s brake light comes on or when your brakes let you down.

Serious problems include a “soft” brake pedal that must be pushed all the way down for the car to stop. The solution can be simple (like leaking brake fluid) or complicated (your master cylinder needing replacement).

Another dangerous problem is your car pulling to one side when braking, which could mean that your pistons or calipers are stuck due to dirt or corrosion and need to be cleaned and lubricated. We always look at all the symptoms to find a solution for your car so you can safely drive again.

Autoworks offers celine 1802 fashion unisex t shirts maintenance solutions for the daily care of your car’s brake system as this will save you money and prolong your car’s lifespan.


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