Audi Service


Driving an Audi is an great experience. Why compromise your driving pleasure by getting it serviced by anyone other than the professionals?

Autoworks are experienced in providing Audi servicing in Benfleet and Southend. We can service both new and used Audi vehicles. It’s our job to ensure your Audi remains roadworthy and performing as excellently as the day you purchased it.

A detailed, gap-free service history is critical if you plan on trading in your current Audi or selling it in the future for a different or newer model. All service information is automatically stored in your Audi’s personal digital service history, you can look forward to having a comprehensive logbook.


When your Audi needs a service, Autoworks will make the process as simple as possible. This means that you’ll never be left in the lurch and will always know what is and isn’t included in your service. Our pricing includes VAT and labour costs with pricing changing depending on whether you drive a petrol or diesel engine and what your car’s model or age is.


Our technicians based in our fully equipped workshops in Benfleet and Southend, are trained to service Audi’s, and with the latest diagnostic equipment, you couldn’t leave your car in better hands. It’s said that an Audi car service is so comprehensive that it covers your vehicle from top to tailgate. We start with a detailed investigation of all your key components, examination and replacing certain parts such as your engine oil, air and oil filters.

If required, we’ll arrange to replace maintenance parts such as pollen filters, fuel filters and brake fluid, as well as wear and tear parts like front brake discs, front and rear brake pads and front and rear wipers.


Offering you both a fixed service schedule and flexible service schedule, every Audi driver is covered by Autoworks.

If you’re a frequent city or town driver who travels short distance under high engine loading conditions and totals less than 17000 kilometres in a year, you should opt for a fixed service schedule. If you travel long distances that exceed 17000 kilometres a year, a flexible service schedule will suit your Audi better.

Be sure to note the oil-change and inspection service frequencies as recommended for your Audi make and model.

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