Peugeot service

Your First Choice For a Top-Quality Peugeot Service

Peugeots are sophisticated, sleek and magnificently designed vehicles with all the luxury bells and whistles. That’s why you invested in one, after all.

To get a full return on your investment, you need to maintain your Peugeot to the highest standards by following the manufacturer’s maintenance plan. Every year – or 12 000 miles – whichever comes first, your Peugeot needs to be serviced at a service centre that employs expert Peugeot technicians.

At Autoworks, we understand our clients’ passion for their vehicles because we are just as passionate about ensuring that cars that pass through our workshop, get only the best attention.

Smooth, safe driving is guaranteed when you buy a Peugeot, but to enjoy this comfortable driving experience for many years to come, you need to have your car serviced regularly

Exceeding Expectations

Our team is highly qualified and experienced to service every type of Peugeot, from sporty run-arounds to commercial vans. Every vehicle that passes through our workshop receives the same level of meticulous attention and expertise.

A Range of Service Plans

Autoworks clients can choose from a selection of service plans which have been created to suit every budget. We recognise that servicing your Peugeot is not a luxury – it’s a necessity, so we do our utmost to make sure our service plans are affordable and comprehensive.

Innovation Matters

We stay on top of all the rapidly developing technologies in the automotive industry so that we can offer our clients everything they might need. Our workshops are equipped with the latest equipment, and our service technicians receive training on an ongoing basis, so they’re always ahead of the curve.

The team at Autoworks will handle your Peugeot’s minor and major services as laid out by the manufacturer, as well as any other maintenance your vehicle may need.

We are the first choice of many vehicle owners because, in addition to the excellent work we do, transparency and honesty are guaranteed. We’ll never carry out repairs or replacements without first getting your permission, and we use only genuine parts.

Autoworks will collect your car for its service and deliver it back to you afterwards, free of charge, minimising the inconvenience a car service can cause. Give us a call to book your Peugeot service today and discover why so many drivers choose Autoworks for every service.

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