Toyota Service

Toyota Service? We Got You Covered!

A Toyota is a family car like no other. Since the brand’s inception, Toyota has been delivering great deals with a diverse range – from the super-tough Hilux to the fun, flirty Aygo – and the brand is well known for manufacturing reliable, long-lasting vehicles.

Here at Autoworks, we pride ourselves on providing expert services on Toyota vehicles old and new.

With us, you’ll get expert advice and service, protected warranties, and money and time-saving service plans. We use top-quality products in all our services, and genuine Toyota manufacturer specified parts. Our service expertise is backed by decades of experience, and our team is fully equipped to give you what you need.

Service and Servicing Excellence

We understand the importance of keeping your car in perfect working order for as long as possible because it’s more than just a valuable asset to you.

That’s why our Toyota service will go a long way towards increasing the lifespan of your car. We recommend regular service and maintenance checks handled by our expert technicians, who are trained in the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment.

Our team provides friendly, excellent service and straightforward advice that you can trust.

Our Service Schedules

We offer three different service plans or schedules: Bronze, Silver and Gold all at fixed pricing for different budgets. These services include maintenance of lights and electrical systems, exterior lights, battery condition and connections, alternator output and security, engine services, draining of engine oil and refilling, replacing air and oil filters and checking the timing belt and replacing it at correct intervals.

We also undertake checks on your brakes, steering and suspension systems, drive and exhaust systems, tyre and wheel inspections, and final tests that include carrying out an engine management system scan and resetting vehicle service lights. Finally, we will, of course, update your service book.

We guarantee an unmatched and professional Toyota service. From the moment you drop your car off with us to the moment you collect it, you can relax in the knowledge that your vehicle is in the best hands. Call us today to book your Toyota’s next service.

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