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Cam Belt Replacement

One of the most important components of any vehicle is cambelts. The cambelt, also known as the timing belt, is vital to the health of your engine. If it becomes damaged and you continue to drive the damage to your car could be serious. That is why you should get a timing belt replacement as soon as it is required.

Auto Works has been maintaining automobiles and performing cam belt replacements for over 50 years. We can offer cam belt replacement in Benfleet and Southend using top quality original specification equipment fitted with the correct specialist tools. Contact us today for cam belt replacement in Southend and Benfleet.

What Is a Cam Belt?
Cambelts are vital components of a car’s engine. Made from sturdy composite materials such as Kevlar and polyurethane, they are designed to control the timing of the car’s internal combustion engines. It controls the timing and sequence of when valves to cylinders open and close, making sure the crankshaft and camshaft rotate in sync. Without this, the timing of each component will be off, potentially causing damage to the engine.

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While cam belt failure can be detected during routine servicing, you may be able to detect it before your next visit to the auto services centre. If you hear any unusual noises coming from your engine, then it may be the sound of the cam belt cover rubbing against it. If so, immediately turn off the engine and call a mechanic to check it. Also, if the car refuses to start, this could be a sign that the cam belt is broken and unable to rotate the crankshaft.

What Can Cause Cam Belts to Fail?
Cam belt failure can often be attributed to the deterioration of the auxiliary belt over time. As the auxiliary belt deteriorates it becomes shredded, and the resulting fibres get trapped under the cam belt, causing it to jump or come loose. Cam belts themselves are also subject to wear and tear over time, which results in them becoming unreliable and potentially a risk to the health of your engine. Cambelts should always be changed at manufacturers recommended intervals, on some occasions sooner. Failure to do so will usually result in serious and very costly engine damage.
The cost of replacing a cambelt is a very small fraction of the cost of damage caused should it fail, and cambelts rarely give you any warning before failure.

What Can I Do If the Cam Belt Breaks?
Cam belts are regularly checked as part of your ongoing service, and if a timing belt replacement is required this will be included in the overall service cost. Having your cam belt fixed early is much less expensive than having it replaced when broken. In addition, if your cam belt breaks while driving, your engine could seize up, and your steering and brakes could fail, putting you at serious risk. Therefore, you should get your car serviced regularly, and always pull over and stop your engine if you believe your cam belt might be at risk of failure.

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When you go for a cam belt replacement, you will be dealing with a highly skilled crew that provides high quality workmanship and customer service at a reasonable price. Please contact us today, either online or by phone, to arrange your next cam belt replacement in Benfleet and Southend.

Autoworks only use top quality, original equipment specification cambelts. These are fitted using the correct specialist tools to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

All our cambelts carry a full 24 month / 24000 mile parts and labour guarantee for your peace of mind.

Don’t take a chance, if your cambelt is due for replacement.

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