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Under UK law, once your vehicle is three years old, you will need to take a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test to ensure it is still roadworthy. This test must then be performed yearly at an authorised auto services centre and is designed to check all essential components including brakes, fuel systems, lights, mirrors, seatbelts, wipers, and exhaust systems.

Autoworks has been servicing vehicles for nearly 50 years. We offer MOT testing in Benfleet and Southend, and our experienced and professional team will thoroughly check your vehicle to ensure its safety on the road.

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Why is MOT Testing Necessary?

MOT testing helps identify any problems with your vehicle that could pose a risk to your safety or the environment. Once your vehicle is three years old, you are legally required to book an MOT test with an authorised test centre such as ours. Once the test is complete and your vehicle is deemed roadworthy, you must continue to have your vehicle tested once per year according to the date listed on your MOT certificate. You are not legally allowed to drive your vehicle if it fails the MOT test, or if your MOT certificate has expired.

How Long Does an MOT Test Take?

Most MOT tests take an hour or less, however this can take longer if any issues are uncovered that require immediate repair. By law, you may not be covered to drive your vehicle away if it has failed the MOT test until the problem is fixed. If we detect a dangerous fault in your vehicle, then you must have it repaired before you can drive it away. If a major but non-dangerous fault is detected, you may drive it away if your MOT certificate is still valid, but must have the problem fixed and retested as soon as possible.

What Can Cause My Vehicle to Fail an MOT Test?

Some of the most common reasons for vehicles failing an MOT test include:

• Screen wash not topped up.

• Dirty or cluttered interior, including windows and mirrors.

• Damaged, incorrect, or missing registration plate.

• Stickers on windscreen blocking driver’s view.

• Lit up warning light on dashboard.

How to Prepare for an MOT Test

To give your vehicle the best chance of passing the MOT test, do the following beforehand:

• Keep your car clean and free from clutter.

• Clean your number plates to ensure they are readable.

• Check the windscreen wipers are working and in good condition.

• Check all lights are working correctly.

• Check tyre treads and pressure.

• Top up all fluids including screen wash, brake fluid and oil.

• Ensure the vehicle’s horn is functioning correctly.

• Check that all mirrors are intact and working normally.

• Ensure the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in your vehicle’s V5C logbook matches the one on your vehicle’s bodywork.

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When you go for MOT testing in Southend or Benfleet, you will be dealing with a highly experienced team that provides top quality workmanship and customer service for a reasonable cost. We test many types of car models such as Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, and BMW. Please contact us today, either online or by phone, to book your next MOT test.

To book your MOT for our Benfleet branch online, please follow the instructions below. You’ll be able to book a date and time slot then you should receive a confirmation email.

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Feel at ease with an MOT from Auto-works

If you have some concerns about the health of your vehicle and are due to have an MOT soon then why not come for a service at the same time. We can perform a full service and check any faults you may have concerns about at the same time. We can offer repairs for brakes, cam belts, clutches and much more. All of our work is guaranteed with a 2-year warranty / 24,000 miles and our staff are fully certified. You can put your mind at rest and know your vehicle leaves us in great condition and won’t let you down.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about MOTs

What do I need to bring for my MOT?

Nothing – just the vehicle for testing. We can look up your vehicle on the DVSA database and find all the information we need.

How Long does an MOT test take?

Approximately the average test takes the tester around 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

What's Included in the MOT test?

Our staff will conduct the test checking the components of the vehicle to ensure they meet the required minimum safety standards. These include checking the Vehicle Identification Number, Registration plate, Steering and suspension, Horn, Seatbelts, Seats, Windscreen, Wipers and washer bottles, Lights, Doors, Mirrors, Brakes, Wheels and tyres, Bodywork, Fuel systems, and Emissions. It’s quite a comprehensive check!

How do I know when I need an MOT test?

You can use the MOT status checking tool on the government website. It’s free, quick and simple to use. 

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