Problems starting?

One of the most common car problems

Car problems never happen at a convenient time, and always seem to occur when you’re already running late.

Most people think a car that won’t start needs to be replaced, but this isn’t true. Don’t replace or give away your non-starter and assume nothing can be done about it. Make an appointment with Autoworks, and we’ll figure out what the cause is and let you know how we can fix it for you.


There are many reasons why a car won’t start. If turning the key has no impact and no lights come on you have a battery or wiring problem connected to the ignition.

If turning the key creates a clicking noise your battery is most likely , possibly from leaving your lights or radio on overnight – or your battery is faulty. A car that turns over too slowly could have a defective starter motor.

A car that cranks over, but battles a dead engine may be lacking fuel or have an ignition fault causing the issue.

These are some of the the most common reasons a car won’t start and if the cause was apparent (you’ve run out of fuel or forgot to turn your lights off overnight) simply getting someone to give you a jumpstart to get you going or getting fuel from a nearby petrol station will get you back on the road.

If you can’t fix the problem in one of those ways, you need to call us at Autoworks without delay. There’s no need to stress about your ‘broken’ car because we can help.


Call Autoworks, and we’ll arrange to collect your car and take it to one of our service centres, where we’ll test your vehicle in order to identify the component responsible for the problem.

The moment we have a solution we’ll let you know and discuss this with you. We’re experts at managing expectations, so we’re always transparent about all the costs and amount of work your car needs.

We won’t take any fake breitling chronomat 44 shortcuts in finding a solution, because we’re committed to fixing any problem the first time, so you don’t have to experience strawberry kiwi lost mary it again.

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