Steering & Suspension

Do you need steering or suspension repair?

The steering and suspension systems in your car are vital in making sure each journey is smooth and safe. The suspension system provides traction for the wheels giving a comfortable ride while ensuring the steering system allows you to safely guide the vehicle. If either of these systems start experiencing problems, it is crucial that you bring your car to an auto services centre for steering and suspension repairs immediately.

At Autoworks we have been providing auto repair services for over 50 years. Our knowledgeable and qualified crew will perform steering repairs in Benfleet and Southend. Contact us without delay if you need steering repairs in Southend or Benfleet. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for:

1. Steering the wheel becomes difficult

If your steering wheel demonstrates more resistance than usual when turning, then this could be a sign that your steering system is experiencing problems. The most common issue is a lack of power steering fluid. If the reservoir is low, first try filling it up. However, if the levels keep dropping, a fluid leak is likely.

2. The steering wheel vibrates while driving

If your steering wheel starts excessively vibrating or pulsating while driving, this can indicate your steering system is faulty. This might be most apparent when turning the wheel. The most common reason for vibrations is a fault in the power steering, but other reasons can include out of balance wheels, worn or faulty brake parts or engine problems.

3. The steering wheel slips while driving

Another issue that can indicate a problem with the steering system is if the wheel pulls to the left or right while driving straight. This could indicate problems with the steering system. If you are experiencing a steering wheel pulling to one side it is vital that you get it checked out before something serious  occurs.

4. Steering the wheel causes a grinding or screeching noise

Perhaps you have noticed certain abnormal noises coming from your car when turning corners. While there may be other components of the car that can make squeaking noises such as the brakes, if it is directly related to the steering then it probably needs to be looked at. This is commonly caused by the steering belt coming loose or becoming worn out.

5. The car leaks a discoloured fluid

If you experience a problem with your steering, check to see if there are any leaks coming from your car. If you notice liquid beneath your car, this could indicate a fluid leak from your power steering system. If the liquid is foaming or discoloured, this can also indicate that air or water has infiltrated your system.

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If you experience any of these issues, visit us for steering repairs in Southend or Benfleet. We have a highly skilled team that will provide high quality workmanship and customer service at a fair price. We service a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, and BMW. Please contact us immediately, either online or by phone, to arrange steering repairs in Benfleet and Southend.

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